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Abstract: Now-a-days due to increase in various diseases more attention is given to cleanliness and hygiene in order to be safe. As menstruation is the part of the women’s life it is important to take measures for the hygiene during these days. Due to poor hygiene many health problem arises. Usage of cloth during menstruation is also unhygienic. In India women are still shy of purchasing sanitary napkins from medical stores. We can overcome this problem by installing the vending machines in public places, offices, toilets, schools and colleges. The existing vending machine operates on coin which provides a napkin whenever a coin is inserted. But it has a drawback sometimes the vending machine is unable to recognize which coin due to which the napkin is easily provided when a duplicate coin is inserted. Instead of using coin we are coming up with the idea of using QR code. Whenever the QR code is scanned the napkin is dispensed and the owner gets the SMS on the registered mobile number whenever the napkin is dispensed and it also gets the count of the napkins remaining in the vending machine. The owner gets the alert message when the count of the napkins is less than five to fill up the respective vending machine with the sanitary napkins.Keywords— Sanitary napkin dispenser, vending machine, QR code

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