ISSN (Online) : 2456 - 0774

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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

How do I Submit the Paper?

The Researcher needs to email the paper to or use submit paper link Editorial support staffs shall acknowledge the receipt of the manuscript within 24 hours. Detailed information is available in the Submit Manuscript page.


Do you providing hard copy certificates for online version?
No, due to lock-down

Is this journal n UGC CARE List? 

No,this Journal was approved in 2017-2018,currently not listed in UGC CARE LIST.(No further query or complaint will be entertained in this regard.)

What is the Publication fee?

For DOI Charges:
₹ 200
Publication and Certificate Charges:
₹ 1000

How can I pay the publication fee?
By depositing fees in nearest bank branch or by using net banking(Details will be emailed to your respective e-mail address) 

What happens after my article has been accepted?

If your article accepted by our editorial committee, you have to pay publication charges and submit the required document by single mail to within one week.


Is the Journal published at regular intervals?
Yes, this journal is published every month


Do I need to submit the copyright form along with the manuscript?

Not with the manuscript.The copyright form shall be accepted only if the manuscript is accepted for publication.


Is there any restriction for number of pages and fee for extra pages?
Yes.  We would accept an article with any number of pages and extra charges will be collected if it exceeds above 10 pages.


How we can get the Certificate Print copies (Hard copies)?
By Courier / Speed post.

How long my published paper will be Online?

When do I receive my digitally signed Publication Certificate?

You can receive immediately after the publication.

I did not find my question on your FAQ list..

Kindly send an e- mailto 

is the journal listed in UGC CARE 2020-21?

No. This journal is not listed in UGC CARE LIST OF 2020-21.(No further query or complaint will be entertained in this regard.)