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Abstract: - Nowadays where everything is digitalized, we need to keep that digital data secured and authenticated too. With growing technology the fraudulent activities are also growing. Even in the field of operations (supply chain management) of any goods; everything is done through digital means. To curb cyber frauds & digital frauds there are many technologies. One such technology called ‘Blockchain’ and it is currently booming in world because of its various features. We will see furtherin this paper that how blockchain technology is used in vehicle registration process and how it maintain its data and activities in a more secured, reliable and efficient mode. There are various entities related to the motor vehicles such as manufacturer(producers), dealer (middle man), buyer (consumers), registration authority (RTO), insurance company. According to the norms, all the entities should integrate for the successful registration of the vehicles. However, current system might have to face errors due to input of wrong or incomplete information and also some other repercussion such as data manipulation which might be a threat to the system. In India, the vehicle registration process is maintained by Regional Transport Office (RTO). RTO also maintains entire record of road tax, license, emission certificate, no objection certificate. The current system faces the problem of fraud detection i.e. if a fraud is occurred, then it is difficult to trace back as different entities such as manufacturer, dealer, RTO and insurance company works on their own terms. By getting blockchain technology into the current system helps us to get a more reliable solution for future as blockchain technology being a distributed (decentralized) ledger technology and also being more promising in data security and privacy helps for carving a more reliable and efficient system. By the means of the proposed paper, it is an approach to solve problems underlying in the vehicle registration systemand also bind all the different agencies related to vehicles under one portal and get them connected through blockchain technology. Binding them under one portal will make the existing system more reliable as all of them would be in the chain and with blockchain; every transaction record along with the timestamp would be available in the systemKeywords: -Blockchain, vehicle registration, manufacturer (producer), dealer (middle man), RTO, buyer (consumer), BCT (Blockchain Technology) 

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