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Abstract: - Sandblasting may be a general term which is employed to explain the act of propelling very fine bits of fabric at a high velocity. This process is employed for cleaning or etching the surface before the treatment of the surface. Prior to powder coating, painting or spray galvanization, metals are required to be sandblasted consistent with their surface conditions. The use of diverse blasting materials creates various sorts of surface results. The aim of the present work is toanalyze the performance of sandblasting as a solution for resurface treatment of materials. It uses materials such asconcrete, brick, cement, metal & other materials predispose workers exposed to health conditions related to respiratory diseases, which together with an inadequate & non-existent use of personal protection elements and lack of knowledge abouttheir use, indicates the condition caused by this pollutant present in industries, can be prevented, while silicosis, adisabling disease and difficult treatment, takes lives of workers around the world.Keywords: Sandblasting, Powder Coating, Substrate, Respiratory Disease, Silicosis 

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