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Abstract: - : Traffic safety plays a major role in sustainable transportation development. Where highest number of accidentsoccur is called a Black Spot. Identification of black spot, methodologies developed based on the total number of accidentsoccurred in that particular location. Accident severity is increasing in order due to increasing in vehicle population. The maincause of accidents are the driver, vehicle and general degradation of environment. Generally accidents occur at intersectionwhere low volume traffic mixes with high volume traffic. Traffic crushes in India are increasing on a steady rate. It results inprop-erty damages as well as death of road users. Maharashtra is one of the India’s more advanced state and having relativelyhigher density of road network as well as motor vehicle as compared to other state. Amaravati - Nagpur National highway is afour lane highway connecting many of its major manufacturing centers, commercial and cultural centers and is one of such ahighway which connect educational hub Nagpur with newly developing industrial corridor Amaravati. Amaravati - Nagpurhighway having four lanes constructed and maintained by National Highway Authority of India(NHAI). Hence im-plementationof Infrawork 360 and by using such analysis basic case of accident can be identified according to that the re-medial measuresmay be adopted to improve the performance of highways.Keywords — Black spot analysis, Number of accidents, Infra work 360

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