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Abstract:- Dynamic Wireless Charging of Electric  Vehicle approach  revolutionizes the changes in  Electric Vehicle Industry. Existing Electric Vehicle Batteries are designed topower the Drive for minimum hundred kilometers range. Beyond hundred kilometersrange the Battery capacity must be increased which in turn increases the costof electric vehicle and charging time. With Dynamic Wireless Charging theBattery size can be reduced for same travel range, Thereby reducing the cost ofelectric vehicle and charging time.
The Present work deals withthe Development and Simulation of Dynamic Wireless Charging of Electric Vehicle(i.e. charging in motion). Dynamic Wireless Charging of Electric Vehicle systemcontains road embedded number of inductive coils. Selection of number ofinductive coils depends on the track length. Each inductive coil acts as aTransmitter, for wireless power transfer the transmitter coil terminals areexcited by high frequency resonant inverter. Solar panel along with Boostconverter supplies dc power to resonant inverter which in turn converts dcinput to high frequency AC output. Wireless charging using resonant inductivepower transfer utilizes high frequency magnetic field to transfer power fromprimary to secondary over a large air gap. Receiver Coil is placed on Chassisof Electric Vehicle and connected to on board rectifier circuit. Rectifier withcapacitor filter converts the bidirectional signal to unidirectional signal andprovides regulated dcoutput
Keywords- EVCharging, Dynamic EV Charging, etc.

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