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Abstract: - Cloud computing plays a major role in the business domain today ascomputing resources are delivered as a utility on demand to customers over theInternet. Cloud storage is one of the services provided in cloud computingwhich has been increasing in popularity. The main advantage of using cloudstorage from the customers’ point of view is that customers can reduce theirexpenditure in purchasing and maintaining storage infrastructure while onlypaying for the amount of storage requested, which can be scaled-up and downupon demand. With the growing data size of cloud computing, a reduction in datavolumes could help providers reducing the costs of running large storage systemand saving energy consumption. So data deduplication techniques have beenbrought to improve storage efficiency in cloud storages. With the dynamicnature of data in cloud storage, data usage in cloud changes overtime, somedata chunks may be read frequently in period of time, but may not be used inanother time period. Some datasets may be frequently accessed or updated bymultiple users at the same time, while others may need the high level ofredundancy for reliability requirement. Therefore, it is crucial to supportthis dynamic feature in cloud storage. However current approaches are mostlyfocused on static scheme, which limits their full applicability in dynamiccharacteristic of data in cloud storage. In this project, we propose a dynamicdeduplication scheme for cloud storage, which aiming to improve storageefficiency and maintaining redundancy for fault tolerance.

Keywords: Data deduplication,cloud, AES, MD5, Java, JSP & Servlet, etc

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