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Abstract: Traffic congestion is a severe problem in many modern citiesaround the world Traffic congestion has been causing many critical problems andchallenges in the major and most populated cities. To travel to differentplaces within the city is becoming more difficult for the travelers in traffic.Due to this congestion problems, people lose time, miss opportunities, and getfrustrated.  There are chances thatpeople lose their lives in the ambulance itself, as it is stuck in a trafficjam. The fire brigade may not reach in time, thus leading in damage to life andproperty. The traffic congestion directly impacts the companies. Due to trafficcongestions there is a loss in productivity from workers, trade opportunitiesare lost, delivery gets delayed, and there by the costs goes on increasing.

                  To solve thesecongestion problems, we have to build new facilities and infrastructure but atthe same time make it smart. The only disadvantage of making new roads onfacilities is that it makes the surroundings more congested. So for that reasonwe need to change the system rather than making new infrastructure twice. Thusthere is a need for an intelligent traffic light system.

Keywords: Trafficcongestion, opportunities, fire brigade, companies, productivity, tradeopportunities, facilities and infrastructure, intelligent traffic.

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