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Abstract:- This paperproposes a fusion-based gender recognition technique that uses facial picturesas input. Firstly, this paper utilizes pre-processing and a landmark detectiontechnique so as to search out the vital landmarks of faces. Thereafter, fourtotally different frameworks are projected that are galvanized by progressivegender recognition systems. the primary framework extracts options mistreatmentnative Binary Pattern (LBP) and Principal element Analysis (PCA) and uses aback propagation neural network. The second framework uses physicist filters,PCA, and kernel Support Vector Machine (SVM). The third framework uses lower apart of faces as input and classifies them mistreatment kernel SVM. The fourthframework uses Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA) so as to classify the facetdefine landmarks of faces. Finally, the four selections of frameworks arecoalesced mistreatment weighted ballot. we have a tendency to conjointly trackusers age supported image. This paper takes advantage of each texture andgeometrical data, the 2 dominant varieties of data in facial genderrecognition. Experimental results show the facility and effectiveness of theprojected technique. This technique obtains a recognition rate of ninety-fourfor neutral faces of the FEI face dataset, which is adequate to progressiverate for this dataset.

Keywords: - GenderRecognition,  Gabor filter, Local binarypattern, Lower face,  LDA, SVM, Backpropagation neural network,      PCA.

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