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Abstract: Structures are subjected to an earthquakeexcitation, it interacts with the foundation and soil, and thus changes themotion of the ground. It means that the movement of the whole ground structuresystem is influenced by the type of structure as well as type of soil such asdense soil, medium and soft soil. Different soil properties can affect seismicwaves as they undergo a soil layer. the study of seismic resisting foundationwith its analysis, the behavior of surrounding soil and the designedfoundation, feasibility and its implementation. The behaviour of seismic wavesthroughout the soil layer and designed foundation will be comparatively studiedand analyzed by simulation modeling. The designed foundation will be in theform of rubber plates. The high vertical stiffness achieved by having thinlayer of rubber reinforced steel plates, which has the ability ofelastoplasticity which reduces the seismic effect. Hence we are comparing thestructure with rubber sheet footing structure.

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