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Abstract:Cellular light weight concrete (CLC) is not a new invention in concrete world.It has been known since ancient times. It was made by natural aggregates ofvolcanic origin such as pumice, scoria. The Greeks and the Roman used pumice inbuilding construction in this paper, parametric experimental study forproducing CLC using fly ash is presented. We should use fine fly ash which isavailable in thermal power plant. This raw material is one hundred percentsuitable for cellular light weight bricks. The performance of cellularlightweight concrete in term of density and compressive strength are instudied. From the result, it can be seen that compressive strength for cellularlight weight concrete is low for lower density mixer. The increases of voidsthroughout the sample caused by the foam in the mixer lower the density. Thefunction of foam is to create an air voids in the cement-based slurry. Foam ismade separately by using foam generator, the foaming agent is diluted withwater and aerated to create the foam.

Cellularlight weight concrete block can be used as an alternative to conventionalbricks, to reduce environmental pollution and global warming.

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