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Abstract: - Plastic waste can be utilized in theroad construction. The field test had proved that after proper processing ofplastic waste it can be used as an additive that can enhance life of roads andsolve environmental waste plastic disposal problems. It is retrieved from theon field result that road strength had increased twice than normal roads, constructionprocess does not involve additional machinery, cost of construction is reducedand consumption of bitumen in road construction is reduced by utilizing plasticwaste in construction process. Since bitumen is good binder, so bitumen andwaste plastic can be mix and use as a top layer of flexible pavement. The wasteplastic is shredded and coated over aggregate and mixed with hot bitumen andthe resulted mix is used for pavement construction. This modified mix had showedbetter binding property, density, stability and more resistant to water. Wecannot completely ban use of plastic but we can reuse plastic waste. Thisplastic waste partially replaced the conventional material to improve desiredmechanical characteristics for road mix. In this paper, developed techniques touse plastic waste for construction of roads has reviewed.  

Keywords:-Plastic Waste, Aggregate, bitumen, Polymer coatedaggregate, Flexible Pavement.

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