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Abstract: Filter is essentially justa design to extract different frequency bands or subbands from a given audiosignal. So any Application with audio processing that depends on theinformation content present in different bands is most likely make use offilters. Main drawback of fixed filter bank is that, it gives fixed outputafter processing the audio input. It does not have variability in its audioprocessing system and hence there are some limitations on usage of fixed filterbank. 

This design is applicable in hearing aid and speechprocessing domain, as approximately 10% of world’s population suffers from thistype of hearing loss. Yet only small percentage of this stastictics uses ahearing aid. Thus it is necessary to divide signal in non-uniform subbands inruntime. So according to user’s requirement the number of subbands are to beadjustable that user can select the number of subbands in which signal isdivided non uniformly. Selection of number of subbands is done by user and userhave to give control parameter. This is the motivation for designing adaptivefilter bank.


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