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Abstract: The treatment of vehicle relies on thedifferent parameters; focus of gravity of the vehicle is one of them. Forbetter treatment of the vehicle we have to keep focus of gravity as low ascould reasonably be expected. For sport vehicles it is constantly kept low yetfor the traveller vehicles it bargains with its ground leeway. The architectswant to keep up fixed ground leeway and plan the framework to secure essentialsuspension parameters. For various sort of tracks, the ground freedom ofvehicle is structured as needs be and that is the reason this is an unobtrusiveexplanation which likewise separates the vehicles as on- street(Sedan/Hatchback vehicles) and rough terrain (Sports utility vehicles (SUV)).Rough terrain vehicles need to confront the unpleasant territory, where we needthe high ground freedom of the vehicle; then again we run a similar vehicle ona street where high ground leeway isn't fundamental. Though a car vehicle orhatchback needs to run on smooth streets just as on harsh landscapes at somepoint with its fixed lower ground leeway which will in general make scratcheson the base segment of the vehicle. In the two cases we need a customizableground freedom framework in the vehicle to have ideal execution. Here this paperpresents the pneumatic lifting method which is utilized to give the higherground leeway at the hour of unpleasant streets/breakers and lower theequivalent to get appropriate ground freedom to keep up the solidness at faston smooth streets.

The 3D model will be drawn with the assistance ofCATIA programming. All the parts will be then chosen and afterward the gettogether of the considerable number of segments will be completed. In the wakeof making the get together, the testing of set up will be completed andafterward the outcome and end will be drawn.

Keywords:Sports UtilityVehicle, Sedan, Hatchback

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