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Abstract-AsSuperabsorbent polymers (SAPs) are materials that have the ability to absorband retain large volumes of water and aqueous solutions. This makes them idealfor use in water absorbing applications such as baby nappies and adultsincontinence pads to absorbent medical dressings and controlled release medium.Superabsorbent polymers (SAP) are cross-linked polymers that absorb, swell andretain a large amount of liquid from their surroundings without dissolving.Concrete added with superabsorbent polymers for internal curing and healing,the various tests carried out by researchers on the durability, flexural andshrinkage behavior of concrete specimens added with superabsorbent polymers.The prominent areas covered in the present literature of reviewed are studiesrelated to concept, model, system, functions, experimental tests and IS code recommendations,specifications, guidelines for detailed analysis and design of coldformed steelstructures and connections. Indian and international studies are studied.

KEYWORDS:SuperabsorbentPolymer, Analysis of Materials, Modification of Concrete Mix, Performance ofConcrete, Sap Mix

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