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Abstract- This paper deals with the implementation of Simple Algorithm and proposed system which can help the human being in replacing as well as enhancing the traditional way of Receptionist. As its name suggests that Smart Buddy means an assistant who can help us in doing our job in Smart manner. Smart Buddy is an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based chat boat which is mainly developed to work where there is need of Human Receptionist. The role of Smart Buddy is same as that of Human Receptionist with use of some emerging technology which can result into removing all the drawbacks of traditional way of receptionist. As the system is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based it will make the use of all the features of this domain to make the device smart. The system will make the use of Image processing, Speech recognition for capturing the image of the end user and voice input respectively. It will also make the use of various kinds of sensors like heat sensor, temperature sensor, and camera for various purposes.

Keywords: Knowledge Database, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Image Processing. Artificial Intelligence.

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