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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

Evaluation & Analysis ofInverter Systems on Various Batteries


Abstract –The main goal of the paper includes the implementation of two modes ofoperation: a battery discharge mode where current is being fed into the gridand a battery charging mode in which current is pulled from the grid and putinto the batteries. In this paper we have different inverters used to chargeand discharge the batteries , selecting the inverter, it important to calculatethe total power consumption of the appliances that are going to be connected tothe inverter. Choosing different inverters gives us the backup time ofbatteries, As we increase the ampere hour rating of batteries we get maximumbackup with the inverters. when an inverter or other power load is drawing ahigh current from the battery, the voltage will drop. This may mean that thebattery needs to be somewhere over 50% charged to avoid the inverter cuttingout due to low voltage.

Keywords - Inverter, Battery, AC,DC, Charge, Discharge,DC current, DC voltage.

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