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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

Cross-Platform Identification of AnonymousIdentical Users in Multiple Social Media Networks


ABSTRACT: The latest couple of years have seen theascent and progression of an enthusiastic research stream on a huge variety ofonline Social Media Network (SMN) stages. Seeing puzzling, yet unclearcustomers among different SMNs is up 'til now a tenacious issue. Clearly,cross-platform exploration may help solve many problems in social computing inboth theory and applications. Since open profiles can be copied and effectivelyimitated by clients with various purposes, most current client distinguishingproof resolutions, which principally concentrate on content mining of clients'open profiles, are delicate. A few examinations have endeavored to coordinateclients in view of the area and timing of client content as work extend ascomposing style.. Since identical users tend to set up partial similarfriendship structures in different SMNs, work expand proposed the FriendRelationship-Based User Identification (FRUI) algorithm. FRUI calculates a matchdegree for all candidates User Matched Pairs (UMPs), and only UMPs with topranks are considered as identical users. Work expands also developed twopropositions to improve the efficiency of the algorithm. Results of extensiveexperiments demonstrate that FRUI performs much better than current networkstructure-based algorithms.

KEYWORDS- Cross-Platform,Social Media Network, Anonymous Identical Users, Friend Relationship, UserIdentification

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