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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

“Labor Productivity Analysis of Manufacturing Industry Based on Fuzzy Intelligent System Approach ” 


In each industry/association Labor Productivity have's a significant impact in the general development and creation. Commonly, it is seen that ventures don't achieve their ideal objectives because of unfortunate labor productivity. Labor Productivity is subject to various factors like Defer in Installment, the board management over specialists, legitimate work arranging and booking, unfortunate site security program, absence of monetary inspiration framework, and so on. In this review, to gauge the Labor Productivity in any industry we have utilized wide information assortment, poll study and by talking industry personals. This task work primary plans to recognize the factors influencing the Labor Productivity in any industry. The 50 factors of assessing Labor Productivity are browsed the modern tasks. The study was finished through wide information assortment, poll review and specialists sees which are then positioned through RII scale. The ranking is finished through RII and afterward it is utilized for concluding highest level factors which are liable for Labor Productivity. Subsequent to game changers for assessing Labor Productivity, fluffy rationale is utilized in MATLAB climate. Keywords: Labor Productivity, fuzzy logic, simulation, Estimation, decision-making, soft computing, MATLAB.

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