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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

Experimental Investigation on Quarry Dust as a Partial Replacement of Sand for M-40 Grade Concrete 


To increase the strength of the concrete, the stone dust will be presented as a complete replacement of the fine aggregate in M40 concrete mix with the fly ash and water reducer admixture. The strength parameters such as compressive strength, flexural strength and split tensile strength of the casted cubes, beams and cylinders will be tested respectively. Cubes cylinders and beams will be casted by a full replacement of natural fine aggregate in concrete mix and quarry dust will be used as a fine aggregate. 100% fine aggregate will be replaced with stone dust with mix design of referral concrete, then test data of quarry dust concrete will be compared with test data from a standard concrete without stone dust. Keywords: Concrete, Stone Dust, Fly Ash, Fine Aggregate 

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