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Abstract—Fall Detection now-a-days is a major problem faced by healthcare department. There are more than 50% of injuryrelated hospitalizations in aged people especially over 65. This mechanism is the combination of electrical, electronics and computer Technologies. An effective fall detection system would detect a fall and send an alarm to the appropriate authorities. The mechanism works on Real-Time aspects. A fall detection system can be very useful for elderly peoples as well as the travelers. The purpose of this device is to create a body sensor network which will analyze the instant actions and detect fall in elderlies. With the base support of Arduino and the mind of sensors, it will be a powerful device which will analyze the Realtime data and detect instant activates of daily livings as well as cases of fall. A fall detection system comes in the targetfor this era because: According to the World Health Organization approximately 28 to 30% of aged peoplesfall increasingly 38 to 45% over a year .Most of the Victims suffer a lot and their loved ones are unaware of the fall. For prevention of deaths due to falls, A fall detection system can be defined as an assistivedevice whose main objective will be to alert when a fall event has occurred. The main objective of the system will remain to detect the harmful falls and give alerts tothe victim and his/her close ones. Followed by the main objectives next comes various facilities like GPS locations, Messaging and the informative website for the particular use. This project approaches to develop a fully functioned device which will help reducing maximum number of falls in less duration of time. Accuracy is the key factor to beundertaken. To gain accuracy, we have divided the development process in four layers, which are 1st. Phycological sensing layer, 2nd. Local Communication layer, 3rd. Information processing layer,4th. User Interaction layer. Each layer has its own properties which will help a lot for developing an accurateprototype.Keywords:- Fall Detection, healthcare, electrical, electronics, computer technology, real-time, sensor, alarm

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