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Pradhan Mantri Gram SadakYojana :Past, Present & Future


The project is based on PradhanMantri Gram Sadak Yojana. Government of India have launched the Pradhan MantriGram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) on 25th December, 2000, with the objective ofproviding Road Connectivity through good All-weather roads to all unconnectedhabitations having a population of more than 1000 persons by the year 2003 andthose with a population of more than 500 persons by the end of the Tenth PlanPeriod (2007).

Pradhan MantriGram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) was launched as a fully funded Centrally SponsoredScheme to provide all weather road connectivity in rural areas of the country.The main aim of the programme is connecting all habitations with a populationof 500 persons and above in the plain areas and 250 persons and above in hillyStates, the tribal and the desert areas.

The projectbasically studies the past, present and future of PMGSY scheme in India. The datacollection of the same will be done by questionnaire and by referring variousgovernment reports Such as PMGSY guidelines, Quality control reports, OMMASdetails, DPRS of various reports and also with help of other available data.

The study areafor the project is basically selected Indapur Taluka which is situated in Punedistrict in Maharashtra State, India. Questionnaire is conducted also 3rd tirequality monitoring for same has done. From available reports fund generation& fund utilization are calculated, comparative study of PMGSY guidelinesalso done. Also, SWOT analysis is carried out so that we can understandStrengths, Weakness, Opportunities and threats for PMGSY scheme from availabledata.

The study ofproject will give the current status of rural connectivity in India. It willalso help to understand how PMGSY scheme become beneficial to rural people interms of economical point of view, Health point of view and educational pointof view. This project will tries to improve present and future status of PMGSYscheme in India.

Keywords: PMGSY,Quality, Socio-economic Impact, Fund generation, Current Status.

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