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Abstract: In the present mini-review, we aimed to study the developments in the research of the ‘spinel’ structureferrite nanoparticles, on the global platform. The research has been carried out by many researchers and scientiststo encounter the various needs of society and to solve social problems by applying scientific and engineeringapproaches. Recently the simple structure of the ferrite i.e. spinel has played a crucial role in the newly designedworld of science research, agriculture, biotechnology, technology, medical, etc. to address the technical glitch in thetargeted application of these spinel ferrites, several important synthesis methods have been adopted such asconventional method (ceramic technique); wet chemical method (sol-gel); Co- precipitation, hydrothermal, microemulsion, etc. In the recent era, many characterizations techniques like X-ray diffraction analysis, Atomic forcemicrography, Scanning electron micrography, HR-TEM, FTIR, UV-Vis, spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, VSM,were used in accordance to meet the analytical data for the determination of their physical and chemical properties.Keywords: Spinel ferrite; Synthesis methods; Characterization techniques; Applications of ferrites

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