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Abstract: The COVID 19 pandemic scenario has affected the world when it was least expected. Hence, we were left with nopre-existing or readymade solutions to fight this disease. The concept of our project, Automatic Sanitization Tunnel withTemperature measurement is also on similar lines. To study about this concept we had to search for previously carried outworks. But upon study, we found that no material on direct topic is available. Hence after brainstorming on our concept, wefigured out various systems involved in out project and started searching for pre-existing works on those systems. In thisprocess we came across study of contactless body temperature measurement. Also we came across a project which was onsimilar lines as ours but with different design and construction. In this literature survey review, we discuss the workscontributed by various authors till date.KEYWORDS:COVID-19, temperature measurement, Sanitization, Precautionary measure, literature

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