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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

Weather Monitoring, Recording & Displaying System Designed By Using Digital Electronics Circuits


Over the years, there has been attempt to gather information about the weather conditions. We designed Weather Monitoring, Recording and Displaying System in which rain, temp, Wind speed, wind direction, humidity are measured. An Electronics system carry measurements of different parameters and with signal processing provides output to the computer system through the parallel port. Different weather parameters are displayed on PC monitor. The measurement carried is simultaneously recorded. Different digital electronics circuits are used for the effective signal processing like MUX, latches, ADC, buffer , counters, ripple counter etc. main objective of the electronic system is to get data from different sensors and finally convert the same into binary values. These binary data is useful for the PC system now this data is processed by the VB codes so that it is producing the display for the producing the different values and symbols for the different parameters[1]. When the measurement process is going on the PC simultaneously generate the word and notepad file for the record of the measured data. These files are labeled as per current dates and when the option is given to see the previous record these files are the main references for the reproduction of the graphical record for the one hour and the bar chart record. Individual record is represented in graphical form and combined record of different parameters is also available. The cost of the Project is less as compared to other available weather stations Keywords- weather monitoring , weather recording , weather analysis.

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