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Abstract: The present method employs a number of algorithms for recognising the size and form of tumours in brain MR images and estimating the tumour stage based on the tumour area given. Tumors are uncontrollable tissue growths that can appear anywhere in the body. Following considerable study and statistical analysis of persons affected by brain tumours, certain general risk factors and symptoms have been identified. The advancement of research at all hours of the day and night strives to give new treatment techniques. This imaging is examined by the doctor in order to discover and diagnose a brain tumour. However, this method accurately predicts the stage and size of the tumor, as well as the stage of the tumor from the tumor's location. The k-means and fuzzy c-means algorithms were employed to segment brain tumours in this investigation. This technique allows for precise and reproducible tumour tissue segmentation, similar to hand segmentation. Additionally, it reduces analysis time and diagnoses tumour stage from a specific tumour area.Keywords: Brain tumor, Pre-processing, K-means, fuzzy c-means, Thresholding

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