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The ‘chair less chair exoskeleton system' is a hydraulic-based exoskeleton support that is essentially a ‘chair' that functions as an exoskeleton and allows users to walk or move at a set speed while working. It's a mechanical ergonomics device based on the structure and function of the human body, with segments and joints that correspond to those of the person with whom it's externally connected. This support assists users in relaxing their leg muscles by directing their weight to a changeable damper linked to the frame, which then transfers the weight to the ground. This exoskeleton device is designed to work in conjunction with the human lower extremities and to operate in sync with the human realises. It is made up of two similar ‘supports,' one on each leg of the wearer. To engage the damper that supports the body weight, simply bend the knees to a comfortable stance. The entire weight of this exoskeleton chair is low, so the wearer is not overburdened. The lower body support provided by the exoskeleton is only for comfort.

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