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Abstract:- Face recognition system plays a crucial part in nearly all sectors in current digital age. One of themainly used biometrics is facial recognition. It may be used for security, authentication, ID and has many moreadvantages. It is frequently utilized due to its contactless and noninvasive method, despite its low accuracy incomparison to iris identification and fingerprint recognition. Face recognition technology also can be utilized inschools, schools, offices, etc. For attendance markings. This system intends to provide a class attendance systemthat employs the concept of face recognition, since it takes time and is difficult to maintain existing manualattendance systems. And proxy attendance opportunities may exist. Therefore, there is a greater requirementfor this system. The system consists of four phases: the construction of databases, facial detection, facialidentification and attendance. The database is built by the class pictures of the ki ds. The hair-cascade classifierand the Local Binary Pattern Histogram algorithms are the means for facial detection and recognition. Facesfrom the live video of the classroom are discovered and recognized. At the end of the session, the attendance willbe sent to the corresponding faculty.Keywords— face recognition, face recognition based attendance system

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