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Abstract: -Blockchain technology has grown from becoming an immutable database of transactions for crypto currencies to a programmable interactive environment for creating distributed reliable applications. While, blockchain technology has been used to solve numerous problems, to our knowledge none of the previous work centred on using blockchain to build a stable and immutable science data provenance management system that automatically verifies the provenance records. In this job, we use blockchain as a medium to promote trustworthy data provenance compilation, verification and management. According to numerous researches about one million graduates passing out each year, the diploma awarding authorities are seems to be corrupted for the security credentials of student records. Due to the lack of successful ant forge mechanism, incidents that allow the graduation certificate to be forged also get noticed. In order to address this problem digital certificate systems are adopted even though security problems are still remain. Blockchain is one of the most recent technologies that can be used for the data protection. The irreversible property of the block chain helps to solve the problem of certificate forgery. This paper suggested a custom blockchain for ecertificate creation for academic students. The deployment has achieved with several data nodes on peer to peer network

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