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Abstract: - One of the problems for water supply systems with intermittent supply is the peak flow produced at some hours of the day, which is usually much larger than that in a system with continuous supply. The main consequence is the reduction of pressure and flow at the ends or highest points of the system network. This in turn generates in equity in water supply and complaints from users. To reduce the peak flow, some sectors of the system must be assigned a different supply schedule. As a result, the supply curve is modified and the peak flow is reduced. This reorganization seeks some optimal allocation schedule and must be based on various quantitative and qualitative technical criteria. Irregular timing of Garbage collector van is also big issues in metropolitan reduce this kinds of problems proper scheduling is required. In order to achieve the above mentioned objectives and solve the structural and operational problems listed above, PMC has decided to undertake a radical and comprehensive approach which clearly defined the main concepts to be developed in the present project this solution does not seek perpetuating intermittent water supply. On the contrary, this methodology can be a useful tool in gradual transition processes from intermittent to continuous supply.Keywords: Water supply schedule, Optimization

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