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Abstract: -:India is the biggest democracy in the world with some million voters and fivehundred and above constituencies in the House. India has over one billionpeople and India. Vote is a conduit of parliament and government. Thetechnology used in the voting process has been reinvigorated in recent years.The new voting system has several safety gaps, and it is hard even to provesimple safety features. A vote system contains multiple questions which can beshown to be right. There are grounds for an electronic machine government tomaximise voting participation and reduce election expenditure. Electronicvoting devices are still running in any respect and it is impossible toauthentically recognise the voter or to protect an electronic voting machinefrom wrongdoers by using an electronic voting unit. The proposed architecturecould build a compliant high-security voting system using blockchaintechnologies to improve privacy and transparency for users.

Keywords-ElectronicVoting System, Voter ID, Security, Block Chain, Vote.

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