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Abstract: - In today’s time, inspite of technology advancement still all the admission procedures be it the university, college or school admissions it is being carried out manually using paper and pen which utilizes much efforts and time. There is no proper way of tracking the task or follow up with the parents or students who comes for enquiry in college. In this present century of technology where computer machines are being used everywhere, they are being used as an alternative to pen and paper. The database can be digitally store more information about students in less space and in very less time the very basic principle behind the necessity of system stated as Strategy for Acquiring New Students. This system will store the details of HOD, and faculties one who works for HOD. This system will help HOD to assign the task like follow up with interested students and allow faculties to mark appropriate comments or status for each students. Wherein HOD will get the status of each and every students at single dashboard. And will help in making the proper strategy for admission. System will have 2 main module as Admin and Staff members.

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