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The QR code was intended for storage data And fast reading applications. Quick Response (QR) codes were extensively used in fast reading applications such as statistics storage and high-speed device reading. Anyone can gain get right of entry to data saved in QR codes; hence, they’re incompatible for encoding secret statistics without the addition of cryptography or other safety. This paper proposes a visual secret sharing scheme to encode a secret QR code into distinct shares. In assessment with other techniques, the shares in proposed scheme are valid QR codes that may be decoded with some unique that means of a trendy QR code reader, so that escaping increases suspicious attackers. In addition, the secret message is recovered with the aid of XOR-ing the qualified shares. This operation which can effortlessly be achieved the use of smartphones or different QR scanning gadgets. Contribution work is, working on optimal partitioning method based on specific relationship using clustering and compare original message with shared message using hashing techniques.Keywords – Hashing, Division algorithm, error correction capacity, high security, Quick Response code, visual secret sharing scheme

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