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Abstract: - In this project we have checked newly develop design known as hooped runner or advanced pelton wheel in which there are two hoops which supports the bucket from back side and giving it to rest on it. The new design is based on redistribution of the function of different parts of pelton wheel. In conventional runner the jet of water is directly strike to splitter of the bucket and transfers the force to it than buckets convert it into momentum by which the shaft is rotate and giving us power. Whereas in advanced pelton wheel bucket does not directly transport the force to the runner but transfer the force via these hoops and these hoops is connected to shaft and by that producing the power so due to hooped runner bucket act as simply supported beam comparing to simple pelton wheel so stress developed in hooped pelton is less due to this construction. In this project we want to achieve some critical data like stress developed. The project is directed towards the modeling of both traditional and advanced bucket pelton wheel in a 3D Cad tool called CATIA. The both the buckets have been analyzed in ANSYS WORKBENCH simulation tool by using two different materials namely CAST IRON,INCONEL 600,1020 steel and 1060 alloy under given loading conditions of 350N and 10000N.Among the both materials the best material is INCONEL600 as the stresses developed in INCONEL is Less under given loading condition. 

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