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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

Solar Energy GridIntegration Systems “Segis” Using Photovoltaic System


Solar Energy Grid Integration Systems (SEGIS)concept will be key to achieving high penetration of photovoltaic (PV) systemsinto the utility grid. Advanced, integrated inverter/controllers will be theenabling technology to maximize the benefits of residential and commercialsolar energy systems, both to the systems owners and to the utilitydistribution network as a whole. It can be used with low power as well as highpower photo-voltaic system. Efficiency of the proposed architecture isdemonstrated for the photo-voltaic system installed in educational institution.The value of the energy provided by these solar systems will increase throughadvanced communication interfaces and controls, while the reliability ofelectrical service, both for solar and non-solar customers, will also increaseAdvanced integrated inverters/controllers may incorporate energy management functionsand/or may communicate with separate-alone energy management systems as wellwith utility energy portals, such as smart metering systems. Products will bedeveloped for the utility grid of today, which was designed for one-way powerflow, for intermediate grid scenarios, and for the grid of tomorrow, which willseamlessly accommodate two-way power flows as required by wide-scale deploymentof solar and other distributed.


Keywordspower monitoring device, renewablesource, solar panel, Field Programmable Gate Array,Photo-voltaic system efficient energydistribution system.

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