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Abstract: - To decrease greenhouse gas emissions, there is a need to develop environmentally friendly material for infrastructure development. This paper presents the experimental procedure of fly ash based geo-polymer concrete. Geo-polymer is a superior material and is a by-product of material rich in silicon and aluminum, such as low calcium fly ash, is chemically activated by a high-alkaline solution to form a paste that binds the coarse and fine aggregates and other materials in the mixture which owns a good binding property. In last few years, lots of research works have been carried out globally to examine the various engineering properties of geo-polymer concrete as a sustainable alternative construction material to Ordinary Portland Cement. Currently, high-strength and high grade concrete is mostly used in most of the important civil construction works, such as high-rise buildings, skyscrapers and bridges because of its structural and economical benefits over Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) concrete. This paper shows the effects of various parameters on the properties of geo-polymer concrete, and also shows the both economical benefits and contribution of geo-polymer concrete in sustainable infrastructure development.
Keywords: - Geo-Polymer, High Strength Concrete, Fly Ash Compressive Strength

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