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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774


Design & Analysis of Nozzle for the Improvement of Cooling InGrinding Machine


Abstract— Grinding is one of the most versatile machining processes having many different applications in the machine tool industry: abrade hard materials, improve surface finish, tighten the tolerance on cylindrical or flat surfaces by removing a small amount of material, surface grinding of mould sections, internal diameter and outer diameter grinding of valve bodies and many other useful applications. The grinding processes can be tailored to produce surfaces with the required geometrical features such as roughness and tolerance, the mechanical property such as hardness, and the correct metallurgical requirements such as no white layer. To achieve these goals, it needs to put the appropriate amount of thermal and mechanical energy into the work piece by the grinding action. As a consequence, large amounts of the heat generated must be evacuated to avoid thermal damage of the work piece and accelerated wheel wear.

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