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Abstract- At present era in our country there are so many people who are not having their original driving license with them. Some of the peoples are maintaining fake license, due to this the ratio of accidents increasing day to day. The proposed approach of data mining can be helpful for getting the original documents online basis based on fingerprint. In order to avoid this kind of problems the project is proposed to provide driving license verification system using fingerprint reader. finger prints of the user will be taken and their respective details like license identification number, photo, adhaar card number are maintain along with the driving license database. The officers want to check the driving license of vehicles users; the verification system is used to authentication liability of the vehicle user license. In this system compare mobile location and pump location if user is near to petrol pump then user mobile phone automatically switch off or on. In petrol pump user enter input and scan his/her fingerprint. The user get fuel and account balance automatically debited.

Keywords: RFID, Sensors, Biometric Machine and Self Served Fuel Dispensing

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