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Abstract- We have proposeda unauthorized vehicle detection system. It is consists of a centralizeddatabase holding the information of authorized vehicles. The information isgathered with the help of RFID Vehicle tags, RFID tag Reader and RFID tagWriter. The RFID chip is placed in every vehicle that will be passing throughthe established point of entrance; with the help of RFID tag reader it ispossible to communicate with RFID tags. The process of identifying the vehicleis performed by reading serial number available on the RFID tag. Also driverauthentication can be done using the RFID tag. The main motive of the proposedsystem is to identify and detect the unauthorized vehicle passing through therespective establishment.  The RFID keepsthe basic information of the vehicle. All the information made available withthe help of RFID tag is then read by the RFID tag reader and this informationis then sent to the central database with the help of Ethernet for verificationand detection.

Keywords-RFID, tags & reader,

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