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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

OnlineFood Ordering System With E-Mail Notification


Abstract:- Online food ordering systems is one of the most popular online businesses nowadays. Various type of food can be ordered through online shopping such as fast food, bakery, vitamins and others. People like to shop online as it will safe shopping time and this facility is available at anytime and anywhere. However, the existing online food ordering systems still have lacking of some aspects for e-commerce that are important for customer satisfaction. Customer would find their experience most enhanced when the online system give flexibility for the customer to choose the delivery method and receive the E-mail notification on the ordering status. Therefore, the online food ordering system for bakery that implements the electronic mail technology to notify users when the order is placed or order is processing or order processed or ready for pick up at store or delivered and give flexibility in delivery options to the customer. Keywords:- Online food system, E-commerce, E-mail, notification, order status

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