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Abstract: In modern developing world,automobile plays important role especially two-wheeler i.e (motorcycles&bikes) plays a major role. Even though they are helpful there are some sadevents like accidents due to carelessness of rider. Major accidents occur dueto forgetting of lifting side stand. To rectify this problem many advancedmeasures have been taken, but they are least helpful. So, to make a system thathas a practical application which can be used on any type of two wheeler thisproject was undertaken. To reduce the mishaps, we have designed a new systemwith automatic stand retrieval.

The new system “AUTOMATIC SIDE-STAND SLIDER SYSTEM” has beendesigned based on the working principle of bikes. The system works onelectronic circuits in the bike with the help of electronic components such asServo motor, motor driver, Arduino for the retrieval of stand and to apply it.

In this system we make a demonstration model with a demostarter for bike and a frame used to hold starter, demo bike and side-stand inposition. The frame is used to mount bike upright using frame. The starterconsists of a circuit used to monitor the starter and then operate the standsliding mechanism. The stand consists of a motorized system used to operatemicrocontroller the stand. The circuit monitors the starter, on starting thebike the side-stand is operated by the motor using a shaft to slide from a verticalposition to a horizontal position. On turning off the key in other direction tolock bike the system moves the motorized stand shaft in opposite direction soas to move the stand in a direction perpendicular to the bottom frame rod



which rests the motor bike on side stand. Thus we have afully automated side-stand system for motor bikes.

Keywords: IntrusionDetection Systems, Data mining, network, Vulnerable, Malicious, Authorization.

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