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Abstract: The system proposes a securitysystem, named the Internal Intrusion Detection and Protection System (IIDPS forshort) at system call level, which creates personal profiles for users to keeptrack of their usage habits as the forensic features. The IIDPS uses a localcomputational grid to detect malicious behaviors in a real-time manner theproposed work is regarded with Digital forensics technique and intrusiondetection mechanism. The number of hacking and intrusion incidents isincreasing alarmingly each year as new technology rolls out. The systemdesigned Intrusion Detection System (IDS) that implements predefined algorithmsfor identifying the attacks over a network. Therefore, in this project, asecurity system, named the Internal Intrusion Detection and Protection System(IIDPS), is proposed to detect insider attacks at SC level by using data miningand forensic techniques. The system can identify user’s forensic features byanalyzing the corresponding SCs to enhance the accuracy of attack detection,and able to port the IIDPS to a parallel system to further shorten itsdetection response time.

Keywords: Intrusion DetectionSystems, Data mining, network, Vulnerable, Malicious, Authorization.

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