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Abstract- Increasingdigital technology has revolutionalized the life of people. Unlike the electoralsystem, there are many conventional uses of paper in its implementation. Theaspect of security and transparency is a threat from still widespread electionwith the conventional system (offline). General elections still use acentralized system, where in one organization manages it. Some of the problemsthat can occur in traditional electoral systems is with the organization thathas full control over the database and system. It is possible to tamper withthe database of considerable opportunities. Block chain technology is one ofsolutions, because it embraces a decentralized sys- tem and the entire databaseare owned by many users. Block chain itself has been used in the Bitcoin systemknown as the decentralized Bank system. By adopting block chain in thedistribution of databases on e-voting systems one can reduce the cheatingsources of database manipulation. This project aims to implement voting resultusing block chain algorithm from every place of election. Unlike Bitcoin withits Proof of Work, this will be a method based on a predetermined turn on thesystem for each node in the built of block chain.

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