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Abstract- There are many ways one could effort to observe fakeor partial intelligence on the internet. However, we awareness our executionbased on stance detection soured the sterling flexibility and are dependabilitywithout having to get into the garment of labeling individual assertion as trueor false. Rather we purpose for a more general movement classifying articlesfrom chartless sources as mostly agreeing or generally disagree with sources ofknown (high and low) credibility. Moreover, our implementation is particularlycompelling because we can evaluate user input as either a link to an article ORas any absolute claim to be fact restrained like (Obama is not a US citizen).In this way our system acts as a fact-finding activity engine and twist linksto applicable articles along with that article’s stance(agree/disagree/is-neutral) on that topic! Our program offers enormous investigationand discovery possible to users as well as merely checking assertion. We wantedto make an easy-to-use system to detect the believability of a user’s claim orarticle, based on the thought of stance detection.

Keywords: - NLP

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