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Abstract- The muffler is a very important and an indispensable part ofan automobile exhaust system. The primary function of a muffler is to reducenoise and vibrations of the exhaust emissions from the engine cylinder. Theexhaust gases inside the engine cylinder are at a temperature of around 1200K,while the temperature at which the gases are expelled into the atmosphere isaround 300K. The muffler also reduces backpressure. This increases theefficiency of the engine and also the power consumed. In this paper, a CADmodel of a laminar flow performance muffler has been designed, which consistsof a converging-diverging duct. These ducts contain perforations on their wallsthrough which the exhaust gases scatter after passing in different directions.The material of a muffler should be resistant to corrosion at hightemperatures, salt corrosion resistance from the high-temperature exhaust gas,vibration resistance and at the same time it should also possess sufficientstrength to withstand high stresses and also be light in weight and affordableat the same time.

Keywords:Materials study Muffler,Laminar Flow, Ansys Fluent, CFD analysis, Meshing, Yield strength

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