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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

IoT Based Food Management and Environmental Changein Cattle Shelter 


Abstract Themajority of major retailers and manufacturers worldwide now require theirsuppliers to implement competent food and animal feed safety management systemsall the way through the supply chain. The trickle-down effect of this mandate,as well as the introduction of the Food Safety Modernization Act in the U.S.,has brought animal feed safety control to the forefront of industry discussionover the past two years. he implementation and certification of animal feedsafety systems is not a recent development in some international circles. The“GMP Plus” program based in the Netherlands was one of the first that requiredingredients exported to that country for use in animal feed to be independentlycertified against standardized Good Manufacturing Practices. In 1997, theAnimal Nutrition Association of Canada sponsored the development of athird-party trained and audited feed safety control program, Feed Assure. Thisprogram has been adopted by the majority of leading animal feed manufacturersin Canada for over 15 years. The program has become so popular that theCanadian Food Inspection Agency has now reviewed the industry driven programand found it to be competent in controlling significant feed safety hazards,backed up with rigorous, annual third-party verification. To compete in the newworld of supply chain food safety, animal feed manufacturers across the U.S.are going to have to design, implement, and ideally undergo independentcertification of their feed safety control systems. In this article, we will summarizesome of the key implementation steps and areas of focus you must include toimplement an effective safety control system within your animal feedmanufacturing company

Keywords:Node MCU,IoT, Humidity,Temperature, Automation, etc.

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