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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

Physical Health Record System of A Patient Using Cloud Computing


The Electronic HealthRecord System is used to enable the patient to get access their own medicaldata. This Medical data is coming largely from different clinical institutionthen there is no any way for the patient itself to control and maintained theirown medical data or record. Patient or their guardian may desire to keep recordof their medical history such as observed medical symptoms or measurement thatfacility may not be available in the EHR. Also Clinical decision taken bydoctors without patient’s previous medical history can be error full and evenbe harmful. Personal health care system which contains clinical data created byand for health professional for providing health care. Data about the patientresides in a health care provider’s system but in PHR it is usually owned andcontrolled by the patient.

Wepropose a physical health record system based on cloud that allows to medicalpractitioner to constantly monitoring patients and create capability fordynamic creation of Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) document from a mobiledevice.  A medical history stored in PHRcan provide details of necessary information at a glance and there is no needto do investigation repeatedly which reduced the cost of repeated testing. Toaccess current health record regarding major and critical diseases we used CDAdocument .It facilitates handover procedure. Also by using easy uploadingmodule and decision support system we keep constant monitoring on medical data.


Keywords:- ABE(AttributeBased Encryption), CDA(Clinical Document Architecture), EMR (Electronic MedicalRecord), EHR(Electronic Health Record), GCM (Google Cloud Messaging),HKS(Knowledge Sharing System), PCP(Primary Care Physicians), PHR(PersonalHealth Record),PMD(Portable MedicalDevices), XDS(Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing).

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