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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

Surveyon Digital E-Voting System by using Blockchain Technology 


Abstract- The current ballot system is shown tohave large number of issues which can lead to widespread political unrest in acountry. It is vital for a democracy to have a transparent voting system thatmust have the least number of obstacles for a voter to vote. The proposed systemnot only handles voter privacy and auditability but also provides a transparentsystem for verification of the election. This paper aims to evaluate theapplication of blockchain as service to implement distributed electronic votingsystems. To ensure each voter in unique we using a biometrics figure printsunique identification of voters. The proposed system is shown to be highly costefficient as compared to other countries and can be implemented with existinginfrastructure owned by a nation. A blockchain-based e-voting applicationimproves the security and decreases the cost of hosting a nationwide election.

Keywords:E-Voting,Blockchain, Voters, Voting System, and Security.

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