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Online Clinic Management System


Abstract- As people become moreeducated, hence people become more aware of the quality of their lifeespecially something that is related toward their health. The poor service inhealth care would give an effect towards the development of our country. Toreceive a treatment from government hospitals, patients sometimes need to waitfor hour’s .While for administration's task they need to keep track a hugenumber of filing where all details on patients were being kept, sometimes itleads to data redundancy and .an additional workload. That is why Online ClinicManagement System is being proposed and this proposed system is develop using aweb-based, concept. The method used to develop the system include iterativewaterfall model approach, dataflow, logical and entity relationship diagramwere used to design the system. With the existence of this system theregistration process would avoid data redundancy, records keeping on patientdetails can be find faster and time waiting for patient before received atreatment from doctor could be lessen,, this is because all manual task thathappen in this system is being convert to computerized type of system.

Keywords: Online Clinic Management System, Health Care,Patients Record and Computerized.

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