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As we know that the food delivery is a major field now and needs
to have improvement for maintaining proper quality of food as
the present servicing system comprises an insulated box our
project focus is on this area to enhance the existing system A
system comprises a combination of heat exchanger utilizes the
waste heat of said automobile exhaust and transfer it to said
delivery box for maintaining the quality of food by maintaining
the temperature. Said system has been integrated with sensors,
filter inlet outlet manifold for manual cleaning of the soot as well
as flow control valves for improving the efficiency of the system.
Based on this realization, we are aiming to make the device that
maintain temperature and quality of food by reducing dimension
and cost to existing system. This food delivery system can
capable to fulfill requirement of quality and temperature in long
distance. This new mechanism will indirectly boost any economy
that depends on food delivery. It reduces the risk of rejection of
food and increase the relation of customers and restaurants (pizza
outlets, e-commerce food business). So our main object is to
develop such type of device which delivers best quality of food to
the customers and improving the existing system.

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